A lot of what I create comes from opportunities for brands and individuals to have their voices heard. I’m passionate about empowering others creatively because I believe we can all approach everyday situations in ways that benefit our community. 
Based in Toronto I currently run a creative studio with my team Sandbox. We work with brands on creative projects such as brand design and workshops that revolve around community efforts. As a freelance videographer I also film and edit promotional videos for brands. 

When I’m not creating for clients, I spend time learning new skills by creating side-projects for myself.  I find they’re the best way to come across new opportunities.  Currently I’m spending time learning how to make my own music, work on two podcasts, and shoot more photography. 

Feel free to email me at shanikt@gmail.com. I look forward to collaborating with you.

401 Richmond St. W.
Toronto, Ontario
Suite 354
M5V 3A8