Engage 360

Engage 360 is a live event platform for acquisition, engagement, and coversion.


Envisage Engagement Technologies


Video Producer


Video for web and social channels


Envisage Engagement Technologies approach me with a task to create a video highlighting their new product Engage 360. The ask was to create a short two minute video highlighting main product features. The video needed to show all phases the product would go through, from pre-event, to post-event. I was asked to provide information through all parts of the production process from storyboarding, filming, editing, and showcasing app features in video through the use of animation. The video would serve as an announcement for the product and welcome customers on the website.


I came up with the initial concept to follow an event planner using the application. After consulting with Envisage on their goals and target demographic for the video I followed up with a rough storyboard. After approval I moved on to casting for the video and settings for all scenes. Over a period of one week I filmed all scenes, edited a first cut, then brought the video into After Effects to add animations showcasing the product features. After delivery and adjustments the video was added to Engage 360’s product website.



With the Engage 360 video I was given all creative freedom. It was my job to provide a vision for Envisage to approve and control the production process. I consulted the company on best video practices, and best ways to reach their demographics.


Our target demographic for the Engage 360 video were young event managers comfortable with automating tasks with technology. I reached out to my own circle of creatives to be apart of the video. A diverse set of individuals in their mid to late twenties that helped fit the vision for the product.

Final Video with Animation

A requirement for the video was to use animation. I brought the edit into After Effects and used graphics from the application itself to mix with real world situations. The animations helped tell the story of the event and usage of the application. The goal was to add context through animation and not be trivial.


The Engage 360 video was well received by Envisage. The video was posted to all social media accounts and added to the front page of their website. The project allowed feedback from both sides to create a video everyone involved believed in.


Lead Contact


Ayaz Karim

Celeste Cole

Shale Leitmark
Tanya Mok
Shanik Tanna