Recess is a Sandbox initiative delving into topics like personal growth, mental health and self-care.


Lululemon Toronto


Videographer, Creative Producer, Audio Engineer, Brand Design, Strategy


Video, Photography, Web, Installation, Workshop, Design, Panel Discussion


One of the most common topics discussed amongst the our team was the everyday routine. Many conversations we had with friends and family landed on how frustrated, bored, or uninspired many of them were by their day. We looked to create a community where you could meet others and learn new skills together; to take a break from everyday routine and have open discussions.

My Role

From idea to execution. I discussed with my team why this project would matter to our community. I created a brand identity that would unify our audience similar to a sports team. Once the identity was created, I pitched the project to a contact at Lululemon Toronto and was given a platform to expand the project. I spent time with individuals recording and editing audio stories for an in-store installation. For the installation I recruited creative technologist Erica Tiberia to help create Arduino based audio boxes that were mounted on the wall for three months. I documented this whole process through videos and photos to use for event promotional material. I orchestrated a four person panel discussion and led a workshop on how to use conductive paint. From there I followed up with my team and audience members to understand feedback and prepare for the project’s next steps. Recess is an initiative that will continue in upcoming workshops, audio stories, and short documentaries.



We were tasked with delivering an installation that would stay up for three months in the store’s community space, ‘The Hustle.’ Using Ardunio Uno boards we put together six audio boards guests could listen to. Each box had to buttons to interact with. One button would allow each guest to hear a personal story based on taking a break for personal growth. The other button would be a small guided meditation. Each of the six individuals featured a portrait on the wall beside a handmade Recess sign backlit by led strips. All guests visiting the store in the span of the three month period had a chance to interact with the installation.

Visual Identity

The Recess visual identity was created through experimentation. My original intent was to make the identity feel like a sports team. Sports teams help create community and give you the feeling of play. My intention was for guests not to be intimidated by Recess and feel like they wanted to be apart of the brand. One goal of Recess is to make it a bi-weekly meeting that felt like a running club. It needed to feel like being apart of the team and not your normal non-profit cause.

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Panel Discussion & Conductive Paint Workshop

The original ask from Lululemon was to provide an installation that would stay up for the three month duration. I wanted Recess to go beyond an installation however, if Recess was to encourage people to take a break, meet others, and learn new skills - we needed to practice what we preached.

The store gave us a platform to hold our first panel discussion that revolved around taking breaks for personal growth. The panel night was hosted by Tanya Mom and included Gilad Cohen, Olivia Fernandez, Sanjeev Kugan, and Kajaal Balkaran. An audience of over forty guests made it out for the talk during store hours.

Weeks later the panel discussion was followed up by a conductive paint workshop. I led the workshop where guests were asked to paint their least favourite feeling on a postcard in the form of a monster. They were taught how to make conductive paint from scratch and how to connect it to a MakeyMakey board. They were asked to record the sound the monster would make which was then played back off their postcard whenever touched.

Our intention was for guests to enjoy painting and get to know one another.

Social Media Content

Our team was asked by Lululemon Toronto to provide any content to help promote the event on their social media channels. Through original photoshoots, trailer videos, and audio stories - all visual and audio content was provided by myself. I created two flyers for posting, two videos, nine audio stories, and all post-event content.


Recess is a successful project for me. With the intention to help others in our community understand the benefits of taking a break, we helped provide them with a situation to do so and meet new people. Having an opportunity to introduce an audience to new skills is empowering. The project resulted in a great brand exchange with Lululemon. Our team provided the store with a new community based project while the store itself gave us a platform to reach a wider audience that will bring our community closer.


Photography Assistance

Ardunio Assistance


Special Thanks

Celeste Cole

Erica Tiberia

Sanjeev Kugan
Olivia Fernandez
 Gilad Cohen 
Kaajal Balkaran
Tanya Mok

Arti Panday
Deevanie Jethoo
Andrew Perucho
Andre Lau