Sandbox is a team of influential creatives dedicated to instilling creative confidence within our community. 


Founder - Team Project


Team lead, videographer, brand design


Video, Photography, Web, Installation, Workshops, Design, Panel Discussion


Through my work in creative arts, I’ve learned how valuable collaboration is when working on larger scale projects.  From physically having more hands to create to challenging ideas through discussion, the best outcomes for impact come from team’s.

In 2014 I created a video series called Stiir it Up that documented individuals challenging their respective industries through creative thinking. While filming this project I came across some creative minds with a similar desire to take their projects further. I recruited eight creatives from photographers, journalists, and graphic designers to come together and discuss what we could create.

Since then Sandbox has grown into it’s own creative studio focused on community building.  

We utilize filmmaking, photography, design, animation, installations, and workshops to empower others.

My Role

As team lead I ensure that our group is working towards a common goal . From producing branded content to managing client relationships, I ensure that our team produces experiences for the community. I enabled teammates to work with brands and personalities such as Lululemon Toronto, Soteeoh, JAYU Canada, Vanhawks, Tahaphoto and others.

Working with the team, I’ve helped create workshops, produce video content, organize photoshoots, and build client relationships.



Adeyemi Adegbesan
Andrew Perucho
Arti Panday
Celeste Cole
Deevanie Jethoo
Gilad Cohen
Tanya Mok