Bryan Brock is a Toronto-based multi-disciplinary artist and creative entrepreneur. His unique ability to create commerce through his love of art, music, fashion and design has allowed him to build a multitude of successful businesses. He's someone who's inspired me through my 20s with his overall influence on Toronto visual culture. I wanted to create a piece that looked into his new path of street photography. It fascinated me that Bryan chose to go a whole new route from his already successful path, he chose to do what fulfils him the most rather than chase fame.
For the video I reached out to Bryan with a cold call, introduced myself, and explained my vision. This project was meaningful because I was able to connect with someone who shared similar values in the work that they pursue. I was able to collaborate with Bryan on a voice over script to bring the vision to life and give a glimpse into his new found path.

Video filmed, edited, and colour corrected by Shanik Tanna.